The utter frustration being experienced by many recruiters – agency and internal alike – had me convinced that recruitment was broken. At any rate, the transactional process that passes these days as recruitment is definitely broken. All parties in the process are disillusioned and it’s no wonder, with many recruiters only placing 1 out of every 10 job specs they work. It’s enough to make even the most passionate recruiter jaded!

As I prepared to start my new business I spent a lot of time thinking about how things could be better – what needed to change in order to enhance the experience for recruiter, client and candidate alike – and how the outcome could be improved for all.

The Achiever Conundrum

Believing that traditional “grey” recruitment models were broken, I created Theo Smit Recruitment (TSR) focussing on unlocking opportunities for the high achievers organisations desire to employ but whose processes seem to trip them up.

The Achiever conundrum means that the best individuals often get overlooked in the traditional ‘tick box’ recruitment process because they have arrived at their current career destination in unconventional ways or appear to be too expensive for their apparent level of experience. You know, that CV that comes across your desk that appears to be a candidate with insufficient experience, seemingly unrelated qualification and too high salary expectations… have you ever stopped to ask yourself how or why that individual commands the salary they do?

According to LinkedIn’s Talent Survey, 66% of all individuals who moved jobs in SA in 2015 made lateral moves. Simply shifting themselves into a new company, behind a different desk but ultimately doing the same thing day in, day out. Considering this, is it any wonder that the primary motivation for moving is money? The best people in the market are not happy to simply swap desks and earn a few more Rands, they want to grow, to expand their scope of work and to make a real impact. These are the Achievers who businesses really need, but sadly, most will get lost in the formulaic recruitment processes currently being used.

I believe that my in-depth understanding of the markets I work in means that I am able to apply the principles of lateral thinking and skills transferability in order to unearth fresh talent that will add value and perform within my clients’ businesses. My clients trust my judgment and empower me to act on their behalf, presenting the best individuals for the role, even when they might not look perfect on paper.

Assured Recruitment

To be effective, recruitment cannot take place in isolation. The context and ecosystem within which the role will operate makes an enormous difference in determining the type of individual that will add the greatest value. Whether recruiting for now, or for the future, I believe that the pre-, and post-recruitment aspects, must be clearly defined and considered.

Our Assured Recruitment Model was built to leverage the partnership between TSR and our clients, creating touchpoints pre-recruitment, through the recruitment process and post-employment, in order to maximise efficiencies and enable better matching. Enabling the clients’ environments to more effectively take on High Achievers, giving them meaningful work from the first week, means that we greatly improve the “stickiness” of the employer-employee relationship.

My team and I assist clients in readying themselves to be an attractive employer, thereby improving their chances of securing the best skills available in the marketplace, partnering with the business throughout the recruitment process and beyond. Committing to long-term relationships, TSR walks the journey with the individuals we represent and the companies we service, actively facilitating the initial 180-day transition process that has been proven to either make or break an employment relationship. And for those organisations who meet our Assured Employer status, we’re delighted to offer a 6-month guarantee.

Is it time that you had a re-think about your recruitment processes?