Thank goodness times have changed and being bold in business no longer means choosing a multi-tone striped tie instead of a plain one. As workplaces continue to adapt to the increasingly diverse workforce we’re seeing a loosening up of dress codes, giving opportunity to individuals to express their uniqueness.

Those who know me well, know that this applies to me too. I have earned the moniker “the recruiter with the bright socks” as I’ve long chosen to opt for bold, patterned socks even when my job demanded a more traditional suit and tie. In fact, I took this to heart choosing to build TSR around the notion that being bold and breaking tradition is the new definition of success.

Non-conformists perceived to be more successful

A study, “The Red Sneaker Effect”, conducted by Harvard Business School in 2013 sought to understand how nonconformist behaviour influenced people’s opinions about others. It’s conclusion: people associated higher status and competence with non-conformist behaviour. An individual’s choice to stand out from the norm, particularly when it comes to workplace attire, received positive reactions consistently, with those viewing this behaviour interpreting the bold choices to stem from confidence, competence and success.

And it seems that this positive reaction is shared by the wearer themselves. In 2012, psychologist Joshua Davis investigated how clothes influence our behaviour and science concludes that “we are what we wear”. For this reason, there is truth in the advice to dress for the job you want, not the job you have. Confidence is contagious and in the workplace, and especially when we’re looking at securing a new opportunity, this confidence is critical.

Age of Individualism

We’re all unique and most of us prefer to be treated as an individual, rather than being boxed into a stereotype. We see this trend expanding in the consumer marketplace as brands of all descriptions seek to find ways to enable their customers to customise the experience, products or services.

At TSR, we’re all about individual attention. Our Assured Recruitment Model is built on the premise that each client we work with – both organisation and individual – is unique, operating within a particular context and with specific requirements. We therefore customise our service offering to cater to these individual needs, ensuring a fulfilling experience that achieves the desired outcome for both parties.

Representing Unique Talent

We consciously seek out unique talent – those individuals whose skills, experience and aspirations translate into success. By getting to know our candidates, beyond just what’s on their CV, we are positioned to match them now – and into the future. By this we mean, we look not only at how the candidate can fit the job we’re currently filling, but what value they could bring to the organisation into the future. To maximise opportunity and create mutually beneficial matches, we focus on how the candidate’s aspirations and the organisation’s succession planning align.

Our recruitment is definitely not grey

Believing that traditional “grey” recruitment models were broken, I founded TSR, focussing on unlocking opportunities for the high achievers organisations desire to employ. The Achiever conundrum means that the best individuals often get overlooked during the traditional ‘tick box’ recruitment process because they have arrived at their current career destination in unconventional ways or appear to be too expensive for their apparent level of experience.

Our in-depth understanding of our niches means that we offer expertise and advice, enabling our clients to leverage their employer attractiveness, thereby improving their chances of securing the best skills available in the marketplace. And, because we’re committed to long-term relationships, we walk the journey with the individuals we represent and the clients we service, actively facilitating the 90-day transition process that has been proven to either make or break and employment relationship. And because we’re in it for the long-haul, our commitment extends beyond the traditional guarantee, enabling mutually beneficial success.

If you’re looking for a stand out recruiter who is not afraid to do things differently, then don’t delay call “the recruiter with the bright socks” and I’d be delighted to show you how bold we’re prepared to be!