Everywhere we turn we are faced with mountains of data. Smart businesses understand that their competitive edge is directly linked to the data they collect and how this can be utilised to improve their service offering, personalise their customers’ experiences and drive strategic decision-making.

According to Neil Lambert, Director: Business Analytics at SAP Africa, “Today’s successful businesses run “live”; in other words, they anticipate, simulate, and innovate new business opportunities with a future-minded approach instead of just reporting past success.

A live business strives to know about problems before they affect the bottom line, or damage customer relationships. Smart business leaders are investing in in-memory operational and analytics solutions that can produce the real-time and predictive insights that helps their businesses run live.”

And although analytics and the associated technologies like AI and machine-learning are essential business components, they are of no strategic value if the business fails to have effective analytics at its core.

Resourcing Data & Analytics teams

TSR focuses on unearthing the best and brightest talent within the Data & Analytics space, assessing skills that are transferable across industries to impact core areas of the business value chain. Our in-depth understanding of this market enables us to apply the principles of lateral thinking and skills transferability to find fresh talent that will add value to our clients’ businesses.

The ability to understand the technical aspects of the roles, and the impact they can have on the business broadly is critical to our success. With an ever-evolving technology landscape and increasing complexity, there is a real need to work with specialists who are on trend and understand the base skills, experience and traits that must be identified to fulfill new – and often radically different – roles within Data & Analytics.

Our successful track record speaks for itself and we’re proud that most of our business in this niche comes through referrals and recommendations. Our lead consultant Sheila Mtakwa has made it her business to specialise, creating a wealth of information and depth of understanding that makes her a valuable resourcing partner to her clients and a trusted career advisor to her candidates.

Our Disciplines

Within the Data & Analytics environment, we service our clients and candidates in the following 8 disciplines:

We have made it out business to understand the differences – and similarities – between these core roles in the Data & Analytics environment, especially with a view to identifying transferable skills and experience for those roles that have been newly created.

Look out for the next installments in this 9-part series, where we’ll unpack each of the 8 core roles within the Data & Analytics environment. Visit www.tsrecruitment.co.za to view our blog and make sure you follow us on our TSR social media platforms to receive the blogs as soon as they’re released.

If you’re looking for an opportunity within the Data & Analytics space and would like to have a confidential career conversation, please get in touch with sheila@tsrecruitment.co.za

And if you’re looking to enhance your organisation’s data or analytical capability, look no further. We’d be delighted to meet with you for a no-obligation consultation on how to boost your chances of securing the best talent available in the market.