Recruitment is continually evolving and so have the tools we use to find, attract and recruit candidates. As many of these tools have become commercialised their effectiveness has arguably waned, especially if one is on the hunt for a candidate with scarce skill.

The future of recruitment seems to lie in your effectiveness at sourcing. TSR embarked on sourcing in a big way in 2018, initiating a Resourcing Hub and we certainly saw the benefits. We started testing and working with a  variety of sourcing tools and portals including Source Hub, Hiretual, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Zapinfo, Google+, Kaggle, and more, which resulted in the team placing 32 qualified candidates.

Of these, 28 – a whopping 88% – were so-called “passive” candidates who would not have been found using traditional recruitment methods.

Of course, the skill of our specialist recruiters was still required to entice these candidates into considering a new role, but without the sourcing strategy and tools we’d not have had the opportunity to talk to these fantastic individuals.

Most recruiters would agree that the Internet has changed most things we do daily, and that social sites and company brands play a vital role in the sourcing of talent these days. However, unlike what many recruiters still do, these sites don’t simply replace job boards with a post and pray strategy expected to reap results.

Great Sourcers are masters of Boolean search, especially as this sourcing technique is effective across almost all Internet-based platforms. If you’re wondering what Boolean is, then you’ve simply got to get with it! In fact, I’d recommend that every recruiter reads Jan Tegze’s book “Full Stack Recruiter: The modern Recruiters Guide” Following the insights shared, TSR has shifted away from reliance on over-laboured LinkedIn and successfully sourced passive talent using our social platforms – Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Networking is also a critical activity for recruiters and I highly recommend that recruiters join the Facebook group: SourceCon Johannesburg. The local chapter of the international movement was started in 2018 by passionate recruiter and sourcer Vanessa Raath (@Van_Raath). SourceCon is a place for sharing tools, ideas, and ways for sourcers to improve their skills and knowledge and is driving through a combination of online forums and networking conferences.

Speaking about her experiences, Vanessa said, “After attending SourceCon Budapest in June last year, I realised that Sourcing was the missing puzzle piece in the South African Recruitment Industry.  I realised that someone needed to start raising the profile of Sourcing in the South African Recruitment Industry. In such a scarce skilled market, where the candidates have already won the war for talent, we needed to do something to source candidates more efficiently and effectively! This is where the art of Sourcing comes in! We need to find passive candidates who do know that they are on the Job Market until we phone them and tell them that there is an opportunity that they just cannot ignore!”

#TeamTSR are all focused on improving their knowledge and skills and we actively participate in forums that assist us to grow our candidate networks and client delivery capabilities.