#TeamTSR hosted our first Career Transitions Workshop last evening with 35 individuals joining our team to learn more about how to utilise LinkedIn to optimize the professional profiles and aid in transitioning their careers. Thanks to Elise Ronquest of Career Management Consulting who shared her expertise and experience as a Career Transition Consultant.

Feedback was very positive and most of the professionals present, majority of whom are mid-career, said they were not spending sufficient time on LinkedIn engaging and building their networks. Several even admitted to having not been online for some time and that their LinkedIn profiles were not up-to-date. By the end of the session most realized that even if they weren’t actively in the market for a new job, a strong LinkedIn profile is a pre-requisite for business success in the 21st century.

During the session Elise shared some practical tips on how to showcase their skills, grow and leverage their networks and boost their chances of being found by interested employers and/or recruiters. We were delighted that individuals were excited about their prospects and committed to being more active online in growing their personal professional brands.

I enjoyed sharing more about Portfolio Careers and how the Gig Economy is shifting knowledge professionals into an environment where they have more flexibility, the chance to work on project-based work and to determine their own careers. With individuals switching lanes increasingly more frequently, utilising their knowledge and skills in industries outside those traditionally associated with their qualification, it is essential that each person takes responsibility for building their professional brand, showcasing their value and growing and leveraging their networks.

At TSR, we’re committed to helping your clients and candidates navigate this changing environment and facilitating the transitions from one industry to another, in our niche spaces: Management Consulting and Data Science, in particular.

We look forward to hosting more of these sessions into the future and invite those of you interested in learning how to leverage your brand and consider the alternatives to your current “career lane” to contact us for a confidential conversation.