At TSR we understand that the Future of Work is already here and that advances in technology should mean that we get to do what we love wherever we’d like to be, rather than tied into the 20th century notion of a workplace. After all, work is something you do, not somewhere you go, and we’re delighted that we enable our fantastic #TeamTSR members to have rewarding careers and balanced family lives. In this Blog series we’ll introduce you to those in our team who’re proof that success doesn’t have to mean fighting traffic, sitting in an office and working 9 – 5 every day.

Meet Leigh Swartz, Senior Associate representing TSR’s research, search and advisory capability. Leigh recently made the move to Noordhoek, Cape Town and has shared her experience with us, and the perks of being able to live anywhere while partnering with TSR.  Read on to hear Leigh’s full story…

I have partnered with #TeamTSR since mid-2016, and I have to say that I am enjoying it more now than ever. My family and I moved to Noordhoek in the Western Cape, in December 2017

I have worked on stimulating assignments since joining the TSR team including researching and mapping big data and analytics skills, mapping of strategy consulting skills and tracking the journey beyond management consulting, sourcing, retention and development strategies within data and analytics, establishing new and innovative ways of aligning the contingent recruitment and search offerings, and enhancing the talent acquisition function within an evolving financial services business to mention a few.

When I first considered partnering with TSR, one of the most attractive aspects to me was the flexibility to live pretty much wherever I wanted. After growing up in the Free State, then moving to Johannesburg (#thebigcity), my husband and I decided that we wanted our children to have a taste of country living, at the coast, so I aligned with a company that would bring us to this magical location.

Even though I had never lived in the Western Cape before, it seemed like – and is turning out to be – the perfect location. Being close to nature, a totally different take on schooling, the personal benefits of working from home (thanks to technology) and the easy commute to Johannesburg, which keeps me connected to the heartbeat of business has made this an incredible experience. My husband desired this move for many years, but I was less convinced and found many excuses as to why it would not be possible, one of the most fundamental being the viability of working from such a remote location. I was delighted to learn that TSR would enable this move.

True to its ethos of being spirited, forwarded thinking and astute, the TSR team helped me transition by being engaged and enthusiastic about this new chapter and empowering me to work remotely.  Not only have I been able to work in this beautiful location, I have also been able to play to my strengths and work on thought-provoking assignments because of the naturally curious and creative way that Theo thinks about client solutions and how to organise and deliver work.  It is a privilege to work with a professional team of experts who are progressive and open-minded.

In a few short weeks after relocating to Noordhoek, my work-life balance improved drastically! The surroundings and access to nature means we spend far more time in nature, connecting with each other and soaking up the beauty that surrounds us. I remain engaged in work that stretches me, and I’m able to give the time and attention I have always desired to myself, my husband, our precious children, family and friends.  I am so grateful to TSR for helping me live my dream.