With or without Covid-19 changing the way we do things – we are constantly looking at how we hire the best people in the shortest amount of time.

Before COVID-19, fewer recruiters and hiring managers were using one-way video software.  Fast forward to this year, we are seeing a steep increase in the use of one-way video interviewing methodologies in the SA market.

This is different to an interview with someone conducted via an online platform such as MS Teams, Zoom.

Brands such as: Wamly, MyInterview, SparkHire, Breezy, SparkHire are successfully offering this platform to the HR and Recruitment community.

However, not everyone likes this format of interviewing.  Have we dehumanised the hiring process?

I would imagine this would not be of interest for passive candidates which is the majority of high demand talent in the market currently.  You miss out on creating real relationships with candidates; a final round in person is strongly suggested.  One-way interviews shouldn’t be your only criterion when rejecting or moving candidates forward in a recruitment process.

Pre-recorded video interviews are useful but not perfect.

In my opinion one of the few positives for this method in interviewing is that the software can be set up so as to ask relevant questions per role and not usual generic boring questions that candidates are at times subjected to.  Our candidates and clients do not have to find time in each other diaries.  This software asks questions in real time and the job-seeker has a few seconds to prepare and answer just as if they were in a real life interview scenario. Real-time interview pressure is simulated by the software in a seamless manner.

Candidates do not get to see a list of questions before they start.

We are seeing a lot of resistance to the use of this technology by our mid-level to senior skilled candidates, whom are normally passive candidates happy in their respective jobs.  When ‘approached’ for a new opportunity passive talent expects a more personal approach and process.

I would value your thoughts and comments on this topic.  Have you complete a one-way video interview as yet and what were your observations? Do you think senior level candidates will buy in to this? As an HR professional that has used this technology before; could you share your experiences with us?