Remaining relevant in the digital world is crucial, and one way to do so is by regularly updating your ‘skills’ section on LinkedIn. I know it may seem arbitrary to some, but it can make a significant impact on your personal career brand.

Recently, while shortlisting candidates for a high-level search assignment, I had an interesting experience with a Chief Data and Analytics Officer. Surprisingly, before even looking at the candidate’s profile or CV, I went straight to their listed skills section on LinkedIn. It was only after confirming that the necessary skills were present and that the individual had kept their career brand up to date; that I delved into other reference materials such as the candidate’s CV that were at hand. This approach to vetting candidates intrigued me, especially at this level of hire. Yes, the role is both technical and strategic in nature.

By updating your skills, you optimise your chances of being found by recruiters and employers. LinkedIn’s algorithm relies heavily on keywords when searching for specific individuals. Additionally, the analytics section on LinkedIn provides valuable insights into how you are being discovered on the platform.

No matter your seniority level, regularly reviewing and updating your skills are essential. Business skills, IT proficiency, and management abilities are particularly crucial to highlight on your LinkedIn profile. Make sure to prioritise the most important and relevant skills by listing them at the top of the section.

Now, let’s discuss a debatable question: should you delete skills that are no longer relevant or include all skills that speak to your brand and experience? I would love to hear your thoughts on this intriguing topic.

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