Financial Services: Lead: Credit Capital Management

The Mission

We know that repeat business is good.  It means that we have done good work.  It means that we have done such good work that our clients trust us again (and again) to deliver on other mandates.  We also know that Clients seek out collaborative resourcing partners who care about and understand their business, who are invested in their overall strategy and who are committed to delivering consistently over time.  Our MD, Theo, has worked with this Financial Services client for over 20 years, and the team has placed more than 100 candidates across several of their divisions. Now that is repeat business!


Two years ago, for this same client, we undertook a research project to build a list of the Risk, Analytics and Credit Capital Management skills pool across the Retail and Wholesale Banking and Consulting sectors in South Africa.

The primary focus was to identify candidates with data management (quantitative and modelling), impairment accounting and forecasting experience.  In addition, we were tasked with developing informative market insights in terms of overall skill level and the extent of diversity and transformation, which would inform resourcing and talent management decisions for the business going forward.  This is a highly specialised area, made more so by the business requirements for either a Chartered Accountant qualification or a post-graduate degree in Mathematics, Statistics or Economics, and we were thus searching for very scarce and generally tightly held skills.

At the time, we identified 130 potential candidates and developed a detailed picture of their qualifications, skills, and experience through in-depth research and contacting.  From this, we were able to include observations and insights into the market and its key industry drivers. Several mid- and senior-level candidates have been placed within the Group Risk and Credit Management Portfolios.

Challenge and outcome

In 2020, TSR undertook, at no extra charge to the client, a project to review and update the existing research from 2018, and to expand this to include any new entrants, in order to identify potential candidates for the business.

During subsequent meetings with the client, 14 candidates were earmarked and contacted by TSR to determine their suitability and interest in a new role.  A candidate has subsequently been placed, again at a senior level within the same division. The repeat business continues!

Our focus on customer service and managing client relationships is key in building and maintaining long-standing, successful partnerships with our clients.